Welcome to Venturis CNC!

The goal – to offer you The Best CNC router for your budget.
We do not sell CNC-shaped toys – there are only serious machines in the portfolio.
Look at the technical specifications and judge for yourself !

Big CNC routers

Venturis Industrial

Full-metal, heavy duty machines for professional use

Industrial Custom
Industrial 1500×3000
Industrial 1300×2500
Work area: from 2000×4000Work area: 1500×3000 mmWork area: 1300×2500 mm
From: 9990 EUR +VAT
From: 7990 EUR +VAT
From: 6990 EUR +VAT

Venturis Ply

Rigid CNC table in combined plywood-metal construction – for a small company or advanced hobbyist. Frame is 1,5…4 times more rigid than popular aluminum extrusion CNC machines !

Ply Custom
Ply 1500×3000
Ply 1250×2500
Work area: max 2500×5000
Z max 400
Work area: 1500×3000 mm
Z = 125mm
Work area: 1250×2500 mm
From: 4900 EUR +VAT
From: 3900 EUR +VAT
From: 2990 EUR +VAT

Small CNC-routers

Industrial 900×1500
Industrial 1200×1200
Alu Hobby
Work area: 900×1500 mm Work area: 1200×1200 mmWork area: max 1300×1270
From: 3900 EUR +VAT
From: 3900 EUR +VAT
From: 1490 EUR +VAT

About Venturis

Hello! We are Venturis CNC.

We currently sell 2-3 big CNC routers every month, of which ca 20 in total are fully constructed and built in-house (Ply CNC series).

All this with a single goal – to offer you the best machine possible for given budget.

Contact us:

  • Venturis OÜ
  • marti@venturis.ee
  • +372 50 54507

Stop by:

Vikerkaare 20
10921 Tallinn

Call first and make an appointment!

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