Venturis Ply 1250×2500

  • CNC router for woods, plastics etc.
    Frame and gantry – a combined plywood-metal construction.
    Excellent strength and rigidity in its price range.
    Machine weight ca 230 kg.
  • Work area: 1250×2500 mm, Z-travel 125 mm
  • Max speed: 12000 mm/min (X and Y)
  • Positioning accuracy: ca 0,01mm
  • Quality warranty: 12 months. Local support from Estonia, Tallinn.
  • Price : from 2’990 EUR + VAT 20%


Y-axis: strong steel-reinforced timing belts (x2), width 15mm;
X-axis: strong steel-reinforced timing belt, width 15mm;
Z-axis: 1204 ball screw.

Rails and carriages:
Y-axis: double row V-slot bearings on thick aluminium rails;
X-axis: ball bearings on stainless steel 50x50mm square tubes;
Z-axis: MGN12 linear rails and carriages.

Control electronics:
Independent system – does not require a PC to operate.
Two 32-bit processor;
Colour 3.2″ TFT touchscreen;
SD-card reader + WiFi;
Controller enables adding fourth and fifth axis in the future (for example – a horizontal “lathe type” spindle, automatic tool change etc).

Transmission motors:
Nema 23 motors;
3-phase, 48V
X- and Y-axis 3Nm, 200W
Z-axis 2Nm, 150W
Servo-like, so-called “hybrid stepper motors” (position sensor on axle with electronic position correction if needed).

Frame, legs and gantry:
Very rigid “torsion-box” type spaceframe of high-quality, waterproof Baltic Birch plywood.

Brushless spindle with variable frequency inverter;
Power 1.5 or 2.2 kW;
Precise numeric speed control 0…24’000 rpm;
Collet: ER11 or ER20 (suitable endmills diam 0,5…7mm or 0,5…13mm).

Cable system:
Requires 220V AC;
Full cable system – plug in and go;
Grounded, double shielded;
Includes two cable chains.

Preparation for dust extraction
– connection for 100mm tubing
– including dust shoe

Y, X, Z – axes endstops
Work height measurement (probe)

More information:

Venturis OÜ
Vikerkaare 20
Tallinn, Harjumaa 10921
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