Venturis Alu Hobby

  • Hobby CNC router from aluminium extrusions.
    Its biggest advantage is an affordable price.
    With this CNC you can cut and engrave various materials, or even make 3D-figures or carvings.
  • Full set – you only need to add a PC or laptop (used one will do just fine).

    Various sizes are available:
  • Work area: from 300×520 mm up to 1300x1270mm. Z-travel: 94 mm
  • Max speed: ca 3000 mm/min (X and Y)
  • Positioning accuracy: +/- 0,02mm
  • Quality warranty: 1 year. Local support from Estonia, Tallinn.
  • Price: from 1’490 EUR + VAT 20%


Frame and gantry:
Frame from aluminium extrusions, MDF table

ACME leadscrews on all axes (Y (x2), X and Z)
Screw transmissions give significantly better results than narrow 5mm belt drive usually used in this price range.

Control system:
Choice by customer (Mach3 or GRBL).

Electricals and electronics:
The bundle includes a power supply unit and necessary electronic components;
Bundle includes also cable chains.
Needs 220V supply.

Stepper motors:
Nema 23 steppers.

Brushless spindle with variable frequency drive unit;
power: 1.5 või 2.2 kW; digital control.
Precise digital speed adjustment 0…24’000 rpm;
air- or water cooled.
In this price range, usually a regular (brushed) electric motor or cheap handheld (brushed) trim router is used as a spindle.
In this set, a REAL spindle motor is used – similar to professional CNC-s.

Endstop switches on all three axes..

Contact me to discuss further details:

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Vikerkaare 20
Tallinn, Harjumaa 10921
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