Venturis Industrial CNC 1300×2500

  • Industrially produced CNC router.
    Cast iron and steel frame – welded, heat-treated and powder coated.
    Industrial-grade rigidity allows for deeper and faster cuts (aluminum, bronze, wood materials, plastics etc).
    The weight of the machine is ca 1200 kg.
  • Working area: 1300×2500 mm, Z-axis 200 mm
  • Max speed: up to 50’000 mm/min (X and Y)
  • Positioning accuracy: +/- 0,02mm

Optional extras:

  • Automatic Tool Change system (ATC)
  • Servo motors
  • Vacuum table + vacuum pump
  • Spindles – 2…9 kW (or more)
  • Higher Z axis
  • Industrial dust collector

  • Quality warranty: 12 months. Local support based in Estonia, Tallinn.
  • Price: from 6’990 EUR + VAT 20%


Frame, legs and gantry:
massive cast iron and steel frame (welded, heat-treated, powder coated)

Y-axis: helical rack (x2);
X-axis: helical rack;
Z-axis: TBI ball screw.

Y-axis: Hiwin linear rails and carriages;
X-axis: Hiwin linear rails and carriages;
Z-axis: Hiwin linear rails and carriages.

Control electronics:
As per customer’s request (Mach3, LNC etc etc – name your favourite, we can probably provide it).

Complete cable system:
The machine needs 380V AC supply (220V per request);
380V / 220V components by Schneider.

Transmission motors:
Leadshine powerful stepper motors;
Servo motors available as an upgrade.
Leadshine motor drivers.

Brushless spindle with variable frequency inverter.
Power: 2.2 kW, 3 kW or 5.5 kW (as per customer’s request);
Precise numeric speed control 0…24’000 rpm;
Air- or water cooled (as per customer’s request);
Collet (max tool size): 0,5…13 mm or as per customer’s request.

Y, X, Z – endstops

Tool probe

Dust shoe – as per customer’s request.

Contact me to discuss further details:

Venturis OÜ
Vikerkaare 20
Tallinn, Harjumaa 10921
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